Celtics Media Day!

For the 3rd year in a row I had the privilege of shooting with the Boston Celtics on Media Day! This year’s location was High Output Charles River Studios in Canton, MA. For the Celtics we use a blue screen because their jerseys are green. When a chroma backdrop is lit it is easy to key and the background can be replaced with anything! We also use a teleprompter because each player has a different script and we need to work quickly. It is easy for our prompter operator, Stephanie Lozen-Kowalski from Teleprompters of Boston, to make script adjustments on the fly. Using a prompter is great for any information heavy video. It helps the performer stay on script and also helps with timing since the prompter script can be slowed down or sped up as needed.

Thanks to everyone who made this shoot possible, especially the players who rocked it on camera and the entire Celtics organization! Here’s to another awesome season! Let’s Go C’s! Produced by Margaux Stunzi of Element Productions, Teleprompter Operator Stephanie Lozen-Kowalski, Sound Mixer Matthew Glover, Grip Jack Garrett, Strategy Coordinator, Business Development for the Boston Celtics Alec Spivack.

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