So long 2016!

2016 was full of ups and downs but I was so lucky to end the year right with several great interview shoots. Thanks to my amazing film family for always having my back. Let’s show 2017 how it’s done!

Interview with computer scientist Margaret Hamilton for

Interview with computer scientist Margaret Hamilton for

We shot this 2 camera interview with a matching pair of Canon C300mII cameras. I love the C300mII- the color sampling is incredible. Personally, I like using the Production Camera Color Matrix. You can also set it to match the original C300 perfectly so that is a nice option for multicam shoots or for matching footage in an ongoing project.

If you shot with the original then you will find this camera similar on the outside, but the menu is a little more complicated. I learned it quickly, but it is definitely something you want to get familiar with before you go on set. If you really want to use the C300mII to its full potential then I recommend that you watch these comprehensive videos that Canon released.