Burning Down the House

Ahh watch out!… for “Burning” a short film directed by Rebecca Maddalo. We had an outstanding cast and crew on this indie short. Shooting locations included State Park in Kendall Square, Improv Boston, and The Village Food Store in Danvers, MA, and Downtown Crossing Boston. We were able to shoot on the Red Scarlet Dragon thanks to the film’s successful kickstarter campaign. The camera was equipped with the DSMC® Low Light Optimized OLPF. With some careful scouting and fast lenses we were able to get great exposures on the city streets in downtown Boston. Gaffer, Alec Roy, supplemented the street light with a LitePanels 1×1, changed the color temp as needed, and carefully placed negative fill to make the image a bit more dramatic. Since we were a slightly large crew for shooting on the street we cleared our shoot with the City of Boston.

Director Rebecca Maddalo and I find our next location during our run ‘n gun shoot in DTX.

The crew watches playback on the sidewalk.

Alec sets up a LitePanels 1×1.

Photos above by Mike Sun Photography

In daylight the Dragon lived up to my expectations, preserving detail through the glass windows in the lobby of Improv Boston. As you can see below, the DSLR used for set photography couldn’t handle the overexposure through the windows.

Photo by Sophia Koivisto Photography

Here is a screen grab of the uncorrected Red footage. burning

For more on the film please follow Burning: A Short Film on Facebook.