Shook Screens at Boston Underground Film Festival

As most people know I’ve been involved in filmmaking for the past 10 years. I’ve always been passionate about special effects and intrigued by all types of movie magic. I recently found out that a very special film called “Shook” will be screening at this years Boston Underground Film Festival. Shook is a retro grindhouse trailer for an 80s slasher flick written and directed by Ben Swicker and lensed by Adam Van Voorhis. I joined the crew as the Special Effects Makeup Artist and helped with some of the costuming. Of all the projects I have been involved in over the years this is really one of my favorites because we brought the 80s spirit in every way possible. We opted for low budget practical special effects, we got vintage costumes, retro locations, and even a sweet, sweet picture car. Adam used the Moviecam, a 35mm camera, as well as a lighting style that fit the time period and genre. The cast and crew were stellar and filming felt like summer camp but with a lot more blood! Check it out on the big screen at the Brattle on Friday March 27th in the Homegrown Horror program. For tickets visit BUFF.